An unique architectural townhouse in Milan. A house with a palette of moderrnist utalitarian concepts mixed within a bucolic context.A way to express a dialogue between past and present, classic and contemporary.A casing formed by aluminium, 4 levels, a double height between kitchen and living room, floors in blackslate, sleek concrete, pebble terrazzo, coloured linoleum, […]

Casa Feltrinelli

The apartment is located in the Feltrinelli building designed in mid-30’s after the old central station demolition and the urban redevelopment of the area of Piazza della Repubblica. The residential 10 floors building is an example of Italian rationalism designed by Alberico and Lodovico Barbiano di Belgioioso (father and son, the son was one of […]


The transformation of semi industrial buildings in a vacation home in Salento. A rectilinear logic that evocates domestic radicalism.A big square with a row of 8 identical bedrooms.An outdoor on the roof as a window on the sea.An anti masseria.

Villa Como Lake

The project has increased the classic shapes of the villa adding new contemporary spaces.Renovation and restoration have created a transformation in perfect balance with the countryside and the lake mood.

3D Housing 05

A genuine revolution in the field of sustainable architecture, the first 3D printed house in Europe was presented at the 2018 Salone del Mobile. The clean lines of the structure and the typical striped rhythmic finish give life to a new architectural language that is creative, fast and flexible. Made with recycled cement powders and […]

Villa Lu Tramontu Project

Between technology and nature, this design for living overlooking the sea uses 3D printing language to reinterpret the relationship with the landscape. The house is printed by mixing the building cement with the indigenous rocks so as to be perfectly integrated into the environment at an ecological, chromatic and morphological level and taking on the […]

Apartment at Torre Velasca

One apartment, the result of two units splendidly connected by a long neon ceiling light covered with silver leaves on the 24th floor of the temple of twentieth-century Milanese architecture designed by BBPR in the 1950s. A project that is above all a restoration aimed at bringing a place that is already an example of […]


A small house on two floors, the kitchen at the entrance and a mezzanine floor with the sleeping area closing off the wardrobes and the bathroom. The French window overlooks a garden and the Versailles wooden floor, reclaimed from a French chateau and the elegant furnishings give the place a sense of historical belonging. Nobility […]

Private Residence Project

Set atop the highest hill in Mumbai, this status symbol home with eleven travertine floors is witness to the power and influence of just one family. The vast spaces and extremely finest materials (both imported and local) are the backdrop to the solemnity of the encounter between the ancient constructions of Imperial Rome and the […]

Brutalist Apartment

The design of the renovation project establishes a focused dialogue with the exterior of this late 1960s Brutalist building. All the interior spaces are outlined with iron frames that match the existing windows and buffered with different materials according to the requirements: glass panels divide the kitchen from the living room and separate the smoking […]