As an architect and designer, creativity is my nature. And since inspiration is creativity’s quintessence, my task is to constantly train my eye, and look for new sparks in what I see on a daily basis. Think for example of plastic bottles, of their massive diffusion worldwide, and the way they affect our lives. While raising awareness, my goal is to combine my sense of responsibility and my most prominent feature: imagination.

That’s how I came up with my idea for Guiltlessplastic, where PET is interpreted in a playful yet conscientious way. Reinventing plastic bottles, transforming them into a weave, and conjugating them in order to create different yet familiar shapes.
I wanted to show their potential through three different categories: iconic design with the Breuer chair, anonymous design with a beach lounger, and the entirely self-produced piece, a wooden frame screen, delicately evoking an art piece.
All of these products are realized through a process where an easily-produced, simple, and compact tool turns bottles into threads that can be put together and woven into a colorful pattern.
What makes Autoproduzione (Self-production) a unique project is its DIY nature. Despite having different souls, these three pieces are linked by a “express yourself” attitude.