The project aims to reshape the meeting room at Vogue according to my vision, with the outside spilling over into the inside, and briging a little bit of the Square, the Castle, and its Gardens in.
My main inspiration for it is ” Le Desert de Retz”, a famous garden located near Paris, a place of charme due to its cultural syncretism.

The project for the meeting room is inspired by the “dejeuner sur l’herbe” . This iconic image is evoked by the green palette of my Garda Table, a piece made of an outstanding variety of colours and origins.
The chairs are ML 1.2, in their aluminum and igneous rock version.
Lighting is provided by a modular system by Nemo, giving balance and homogeneity to the space. On the floor, two Escargots by Le Corbusier (Nemo edition) pay homage at the great master of Modernism.
Images from the Vogue universe are projected onto the digital horizon created by the led wall on one of the partitions.
The meeting room thus becomes the perfect intersection, where Modernist rigour encounters the freedom of my vision as an architect.