Sunday April 7th sees Locatelli Partners inaugurating its second Milan office in Via Corridoni 15, a special location in the heart of Milan which will allow people to discover a quiet new corner of the city. The building has been completely restored and covers 800 square metres spread over three floors. Each floor has its own history and atmosphere.
The entrance is elevated and presents a large open space with a transparent room in the centre used for meetings while the library acts as the start of an interior garden with cobblestone paving and palm trees that ascend from the garden below with the perimeter delineated by green walls.

The basement is another open space lined with wood boiserie panelling where the light is distributed through neon tubes masked by steel shades. In the background palm trees grow in a green patio lined with trellises and climbing plants.
On the first floor there are offices and meeting rooms featuring transparent glass and polished aluminium and surrounded by the enchanting sight of the Parco del Collegio delle Fanciulle while the top floor is home to the roof garden.
The whole restructuring process evokes the themes that define the DNA of Locatelli Partners, through natural materials linked to tradition and reinterpreted in a contemporary style yet with close attention paid to the longevity and durability of the architecture and its enhancement with the passing of time.