From January 23 to February 15, 2020, Converso presents «The End», a solo exhibition by London-based artist Michael Dean.

The exhibition takes its title from a new work written by M. Dean. «The End», a broken conversation of attempted red echo synchrony between two voices, written in response to the two-room former church, and its histrionic architecture divided and united by a semi-circle geometry of heaven for singing and listening. Books of diminishing pages (that the audience are invited to tear out and take away) deliver this new writing in space, as does the recording of writing read by both male and female talking in the protagonistic attitude of multifarious emotions, delivering a simple conversation both seriously and seriously funny at the same time, completing each other’s sentences at a distance.

«The End» presents a reading in space by way of the physical properties available to a holding on. A written and a spoken recorded. Read and heard.

fondazione CONVERSO
piazza sant’eufemia 3, 20122 milano

Tuesday – Saturday 
11am – 7pm