Bespoke furniture by Massimiliano Locatelli

Massimiliano Locatelli Editions Encountered in/for a project.

“We believe that every piece of furniture should be born from a need and take on a life of its own,
reflecting the distinctive experience of each project and its creative journey”


ritual simplicity

The function of light
in its principle

Design always occurred/stemmed/met for a project.

They arise from different concepts of a project.

They arise from research and listening.

From the need that is encountered in/for a project.

Which is resolved by an object.

The inspirations find their origins in the
function and the simplicity of the construction sites.

Which is the basis of architecture.

Diaphragmatic dimension between
reality and possibility.

A state of revelation.

And then they live, they take their own way.

It only makes sense to start from a necessity.

All the editions combine a strong contemporary vision of domestic space and dwelling with the inspiration

coming from tradition.

Memory of a shape that belongs to you,
of a geography, of the territory and of affection.

And then they live, they take their own way.

Nature represents a theme dear to
every design process, which not only aims at testing
new technologies but also focuses

on sustainability and research.