Envisioning the Retail of the Post-Coronavirus Era

Good news: brick-and-mortar stores will still be relevant. Bad news: they need to be significantly revisited — and fast.

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By Sandra Salibian on May 7, 2020

MILAN — As many countries are gearing up to lift the respective lockdowns and commercial activities are about to resume their operations, a key variable of the post-coronavirus era is how physical retail will evolve.

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Pobazine - Issue n. 6 - Inclusione

Massimiliano Locatelli
Intervista di Davide Baluba

No, non mi intendo di architettura, è un mondo che mi affascina ma lascio la parola agli esperti, in una sorta di venerazione silente, come quando a parlare sono scienziati o medici, ecco come immagino gli architetti, scienziati e medici della bellezza.
Ho avuto però la fortuna di conoscere Massimiliano Locatelli, i suoi successi parlano per lui, con Locatelli Partners gira il mondo per progettarlo, immagino che viaggi sempre accompagnato dalla sua eleganza e originalità, e dalla sua improvvisa simpatia che rende le giornate uniche.

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On December 17th, the Royal Gardens in Venice are open again after a complex restoration process, promoted and realized by the Venice Gardens Foundation.

Giving this place back to the city is extremely valuable for Venice.

On this occasion, Locatelli Partners designed the interiors for the Coffee Pavilion, using typical raw materials amongst the excellence in the Venetian tradition.

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CONVERSO presents a solo exhibition by influential German artist Inge Mahn consisting of two seminal historical works combined with a newly commissioned installation entitled The Snake. The exhibition is curated by Gianni Jetzer, Curator-at-Large at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC.

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Davide Agrati, Giovanna Cornelio, Massimiliano Locatelli and Annamaria Scevola.

Foreword by Deborah Berke

Texts by Lee Marshall and Ingo Maurer

304 pages

32 projects plus an entire section dedicated to design from the second half of the 1990s to today, expressing through the use of images and words that unique spirit and driving force behind the creativity and constant quest for truth and beauty that makes the work of Locatelli Partners immediately recognizable. Dialogues is essential reading for those who dream up new worlds: designing from scratch means establishing relationships that are constantly changing.



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