Al13 Cabinet

Reflecting functionality

The collection’s name derives from the identification of aluminum in the periodic
table of chemical elements and describes a family of furnishings all in natural
aluminum, polished, anodized in different colors, and combined with sheets of
The aluminum utilized is the extruded profile used to make window frames,
typically only serving to rigidity, thermal and acoustic insulation, here becomes the
distinctive element of a new language.
Glass is used by overlapping sheets of different thicknesses to visually transform
into a precious stone supported by aluminum profiles, like the prongs of a jewel.


Name: Al13 Cabinet
GEO, YY: Italy, 2022
Brushed natural annodized aluminum and clear glass
Brushed natural color annodized aluminum and color glass
Color on request
DIM cm: 131 x 65 x h 210 cm
DIM in: 51.5 x 25.5 x h 82,6 in