Table Series

Cavalletto Table Series

Space on different planes

Cavalletto is inspired by the broken shapes of the opus incertum floor of the
building it was designed for and by the colors of its marbles. In a one-of-a-kind interplay of scale and planes, the table turns the small irregularities of the
marble pieces of the Palladian floor into large modular worktops, separable and
combinable to desire. The easel is in raw iron while the clips that support the
marble are of brass. Like a diamond that is held together by graphite, the marble
is enclosed in a fascinating cross mechanism. The foot at the bottom is adjustable
and gives light by cutting the heaviness of the black.


Name: Cavalletto Table Series
GEO, YY: Italy, 2017
Brass structure and waxed iron details, single top in marble or other materials
(wood, bronzed aluminum foam)
DIM cm: 255 x 125 x h 74 cm
DIM in: 100.4 x 49.2 x h 29 in