Marble Handbasin

The continuity between

The exclusive and contemporary reinterpretation of an existing object: the beyond-the-time elegance and modernity of Montebianco [1940 Pozzi-Ginori model] is re-proposed through a block of marble entirely processed by hand. Perfect proportions and essential design embellished with a new essence. Not a playful activity, but rather the underlining of a memory that has always been there.

It can be customized on request; also available vase, bidet, and bathtub.


Name: Marble Handbasin
GEO, YY: Italy, 2018
DIM cm:
Big: 73,5 x 58,5 x h 81,5 cm
Small: 65 x 53 x h 81,5 cm
DIM in:
Big: 28.9 x 23 x h 32 in
Small: 25.5 x 20 x h 32 in