ML 1.2

Playful Lightness

Light and compact in size, ML1.2 comes from the same concept as the Lake series and can remain dispersed and diluted around the house with discretion. The enveloping shape of the seat was designed on body casts and made it as comfortable as a large chair. The design of its legs plays with the verticality and frequency of the Lakes ones, creating a dense and graceful rhythm like that of a forest. Marked by the materiality of a single aluminum casting, the irregularity of its lower finish dialogues with the composure of the enameled and worked upper part.
ML1.2 chairs are made in solid aluminum available in several finishes as bronze, aluminum, enamel/gold, 24k gold, and nickel, all coated.


Name: ML1.2 Chair
GEO, YY: Italy, 2017
Bronze, Aluminium, Enamel / Gold, 24K, Nickel
DIM cm: 37 x 40 x h 76 cm
DIM in: 14.7 x 16.6 x h 30 in