Putrella Table

Thoughtful delicacy

A table that hosts numerous concepts, bright and different from each other like its guests: the strength of the beam and the delicate bending process, the countless questions that this design has posed, and the answers, agile, surprising, and light.

Specifically designed to represent the gentle virtue of good hospitality starting from raw building site materials: the Putrella table is a paradox, made magical by the precision of the TIG welding and by the burnishing process of the beam, which arouses the calamine on the surface, revealing an always unique organic pattern. The rectangular prototype version for an apartment in the 7th arrondissement of Paris evolved into a harmonious curve joined without leftovers through a long, thoughtful, and complex process of heating and bending the steel alloy.


Name: Putrella Table
GEO, YY: Italy, 2015
Customizable, available upon request
Black iron, painted black iron, brassed/bronzed iron
DIM cm: 240, 180x120 - h 72 cm
DIM in: 94, 70x47 - h 28 in