Specchio di Venere

Waves made of glass

It is said that Venus, the goddess of love, found in Sicily a shell full of water to admire her magnificent reflection in. That shell is the Mirror of Venus, a legendary lake lying on the extinct crater of an ancient volcano in Pantelleria, and now a collection of high tables-consoles and low tables with soft irregular shapes, rounded edges, and elegant thin legs in blown glass.

The technique of cast glass used in the forging process [inspired by Le Corbusier’s prototypes] is connoted by an irregular surface unique to each specimen. A surreal vision, like its color that arches from light green to turquoise. The different pieces, available independently from each other, if put close together, can create a table of large dimensions. With tops in a special poured silvered glass. The legs are always in the same finish of the top.


Name: Specchio di Venere
GEO, YY: Italy, 2019
Blown glass, tops in a special poured silvered glass
DIM cm: 384x150 cm
DIM in: 151x59 in