Urmia Table

Wide sight

Once the largest lake in the Middle East, Urmia meant “city of water” in Syriac. Due to the construction of dams and climate change, the lake has lost 88% of its volume causing geological formations to emerge on the surface, once only islands. From this story comes a collection of tables made of glass and – only one, to represent the island that once stood in the center of the lake – in 3D printed concrete.

The design are a clear reference to the stratifications visible of the rock sculptures, while the colors of the glass, obtained through the burning process made in Sardinia, recall the various phases of evaporation recorded in the last 50 years, varying from rust and mustard to colder shades. A modular table is born, which if complete with each module is vast and boundless, just like was the Lake Urmia.


Name: Urmia Table
GEO, YY: Italy, 2016
3D printed mixed media and terracotta
DIM cm: 110 x 80 x h 72 cm
DIM in: 43.3 x 31.4 x 28.7 in