Table Series

West Lake Table Series

Letting it flow through

The project for a princess, a penthouse overlooking the largest freshwater lake
in Hanoi. For this project, the first lake was designed—the West Lake.
The vision consisted of making the lake part of the house and letting it exist inside
and out, allowing for the surrounding nature to flow into the house.
A modular table that can have various functions in communion with the course
of daily life and according to the number of guests. A set of seven indipendent
modules that can be diluted in the house and collected to desire and need, six
hand polished casted bronze modules, and one mat mahogany.
West Lake Table series can be customized in different nobles materials as for
marble, with legs turned from a single block and with a titanium core.
In aluminum, in polished cast bronze, in cast glass and blown glass legs.


Name: Cavalletto Table Series
GEO, YY: Italy, 2017
Customizable, available upon request
DIM cm: 278.5 x 153.6 x h 72 cm
DIM in: 109.4 x 49.2 x h 29 in