Urmia Table

Once the largest lake in the Middle East, Urmia meant “city of water” in Syriac. Due to the construction of dams and climate change, the lake has lost 88% of its volume causing geological formations to emerge on the surface, once only islands. From this story comes a collection of tables made of glass and […]

Specchio di Venere

It is said that Venus, the goddess of love, found in Sicily a shell full of water to admire her magnificent reflection in. That shell is the Mirror of Venus, a legendary lake lying on the extinct crater of an ancient volcano in Pantelleria, and now a collection of high tables-consoles and low tables with […]

Garda Lake Table

Six modules brought together by the philosophy of a liquid home, capable of welcoming guests at a large table that can live diluted in space. After the West Lake, the Garda inaugurates the design exploration of the Lakes series on the Italian territory both on a formal level – through the recovery of the topography […]


By its modular and alignable nature, the Up&down table is all about ductility. A piston placed in the tubular structure allows the height to be varied from coffee table to standard table, with an intermediate step. Design contamination with the world of the sea, Up&down is designed to solve a necessity within a lounge that […]

Atollo Table

Absolute freedom of composition. Consistent with the philosophy of liquid living applied by Massimiliano Locatelli in each piece of the Editions, the large Atollo table expresses hospitality in composed sinuosity and soft lines, allowing for a discreet and elegant presence. Water-drops and bubbles – modular if necessary – to accommodate diners, defined by the irregular […]


A modular table for outdoor use, regular and geometric. The Milanese project requires an element that brings the interior and exterior of a home into dialogue. Thus the iron frame of ML06 is born, a minimal shape and a new result, a prestige: the removable top allows the tablecloth to be housed inside the frame […]

Putrella Table

A table that hosts numerous concepts, bright and different from each other like its guests: the strength of the beam and the delicate bending process, the countless questions that this design has posed, and the answers, agile, surprising, and light. Specifically designed to represent the gentle virtue of good hospitality starting from raw building site […]

Alpina Outdoor Table

The Alpina collection comes from a re-design of the 60ies bar chairs.Like an image on film through a lovely patina, these chairs’ iconic shapes belongboth to collective memory and to the designer’s whose grandfather used to sit onthem during summer afternoons at his lake house.The double U-shaped structure in crossed tubular iron is covered with […]

Al13 Table

The collection’s name derives from the identification of aluminum in the periodictable of chemical elements and describes a family of furnishings all in naturalaluminum, polished, anodized in different colors, and combined with sheets ofglass.The aluminum utilized is the extruded profile used to make window frames,typically only serving to rigidity, thermal and acoustic insulation, here becomes […]

Elettra Outdoor Low Table

A rigid and stiff industrial net designed to be a concept of softness.An humble material connected with the habitat of construction sites and usuallyhidden to the sight, now protagonist of the outdoor.The square electro-welded iron meshes are baked and woven together in atartan-like pattern, creating different rhythms and giving the distinctive shapeto the Elettra outdoor […]