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Casa Feltrinelli, Milan

The apartment is located in the Feltrinelli building designed in mid-30’s after the old central station demolition and the urban redevelopment of the area of Piazza della Repubblica. The residential 10 floors building is an example of Italian rationalism designed by Alberico and Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso (father and son, the son was one of the founders of B.B.P.R. architecture premise who designed in the fifties the Torre Velasca). The principles of the rationalist architecture have guided the renovation project of the 200 sq mt/2150 sq feet apartment. In the open space, three millwork “boxes” have been located to host the main functions of the house while the living room is open on the dining room and kitchen in the northeast oriented corner. The first box is the grey/blueish laminated cladded one (the hard box) which includes the kitchen, a tiny powder room, and the main bathroom. The second box is cladded in dark brown natural rubber (the soft box) and it hosts the dressing room/studio/relaxing area. The third box is cladded in maple wood (the natural box) and it hosts the main bedroom. The three boxes can also become very private just closing their doors. The dressing room only is open on the traditional corridor which has become a library with a 42’ bookshelf. At the end of the corridor, facing south is located the guest bedroom/studio with its bathroom. A service area and a laundry on the second entrance side are complementary to the apt. The floor finish is a traditional Italian terrazzo with a white base and Carrara marble aggregates consistent throughout the whole apartment. The Carrara and the Grey Bardiglio marbles are used in slabs to clad the showers. Every other wall is Arctic white paint.