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Louis Poulsen MDW

The creative concept has been established in collaboration with Louis  Poulsen to underline their new collection. The aim of the installation is “to transform reality with nuances of pink, in a contemporary way while respecting the nature and qualities of the Louis Poulsen brand,” says Massimiliano Locatelli.
Visitors will be welcomed into a traditional milanese café, which has been transformed into a pale-rose-colored universe, where every detail has been thought of.
Choosing the right location for this installation was very important, and Taveggia was found to be the perfect spot. “Taveggia is a great location because it combines the tradition of the Italian café with the Milanese atmosphere, and speaks to the tradition of Louis Poulsen,” says Locatelli.
By striking the perfect balance between the traditional with the installation’s modern touches, Louis Poulsen x Taveggia emphasizes the historical and contemporary relevance of both brands.