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Nemo Showroom

The concept of Nemo’s Monforte Showroom was driven by the desire of providing the company with the right framework to showcase lighting proposals into a unique architectural experience. The new layout is the combination of five houses with five stories and five materials as identification. Cement, iron, wood, glass and rubber. The new lettering of the sign, the different entrance disposition and the modified perspective of the shop windows invite to this new space. The interior is designed to be modular through the use of pivoting doors that can be adapted to the needs of the new collections. A unifying floor echoes the golden section created by Le Corbusier at La Tourette. Moving downstairs visitors are transported into a chromatic universe inspired by the blue colour of Nemo logo. A timeless space that could be a multifunctional place. A project that emphasises the company’s genius loci, showing Nemo’s distinctive features.