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Studio, Paris Vth Arr.

In the Vth Arrondissement of Paris, Massimiliano Locatelli refurbished a small studio of 40 sqm, re-interpreting the idea of Le Corbusier’s Cabanon: a small space to embody all the functions of living. Colors and poor materials used with majesty: it all started with a book by Le Corbusier showcasing all the combinations of hues that only the master himself could imagine. Starting from the color of the linoleum, the book creates combinations according to the Master’s taste, which we used to then decide the shades of the textiles and laminated furniture. These colors face the roughness of steel, concrete and iron, characterizing the table and the sofa-bed. The metallic niche is meant to exploit the space and the light as much as possible, giving endless possibilities to the user, who can decide whether to use it to work on the computer, to sit and read, to sleep. The food corner is equipped with a small kitchen, a low table and stools, as an homage to the Vietnamese heritage of the client. The volume of the toilet is a small cube shut by a door with rounded edges, referring to Charlotte Perriand. Inside, white tiles with black joints create a graphism which could be read as a game.